Key Stage 3

Arranged by Year group:

  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9

Arranged by strand:

  • Algebra (x)
  • Data Handling (x)
  • Geometry (x)
  • Number (x)

Arranged by Year group:

  • Year 10
  • Year 11

Arranged by strand:

  • Algebra (x)
  • Data Handling (x)
  • Geometry (x)
  • Number (x)

AS-Level Mathematics

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Mechanics (x)
  • Statistics (x)

A-Level Mathematics

  • Pure Mathematics (x)
  • Mechanics (x)
  • Statistics (x)

AS-Level Further Mathematics

A-Level Further Mathematics

  • Codes and Ciphers
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Key Stage 3:



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Welcome to

Welcome to This website is in a rather embryonic stage at present, however, I am adding new resources on a regular basis. Provisionally, I am building content for the new 2017 specification A-level, focussing on the Edexcel/Pearson specification. To review the available resources, click on the A-Level link to the left under recently added resources.

Alternatively, you could view my enrichment pages about the Caesar Shift Cipher by clicking on the Enrichment button above. These pages include interactive tools to help you understand how the cipher works and allows you to encipher and decipher your own messages! Javascript needs to be enabled on your browser to use any of the interactive elements on this site.

The SAT's link on the left takes you to a number of speed and accuracy tests, involving expanding pairs of brackets and factorising quadratic expressions.

New content already added includes consolidation resources to practise basic techniques and application worksheets to allow students to use those techniques in a variety of different, and challenging situations. At the end of each unit will be Targeted Assessment Tasks (TAT's) with questions increasing in difficulty throughout the task.



Activities can include resources such as card games, matching activities or sorting tasks. Some of these activities are best conducted in pairs or small groups, rather than individually.



Investigations explore particular elements of Mathematics and can make use of available technology, such as exploring graphs of parametric equations using a graphing package.



Notes and explanations of how to apply a particular technique are indicated with this icon.



Presentations can be used for whole class use or for individual revision.



If you need to print out multiplication grids, polar graph paper or even isometric dotty paper to complete a task then look out for this icon.



Speed and Accuracy Tests (SAT's) are intercative tools designed to develop specific skills. Answer 10 questions as accurately and as quickly as you can. Repeat the test as many times as you want to improve your accuracy or even improve your best time to get 10 out of 10.



Targeted Assessment Tasks (TAT's) are designed to assess understanding of a particular group of techniques and concepts. Questions typically increase in difficulty throughout the task.



Worksheets are exercises that concentrate on consolidating a set of techniques or applting skills to solve particular problems.

As a project, this website does not currently contain resources for all topics. I will continue to build upon the current resources available, however, please feel free to suggest the next project you would like me to start. Please note that if a hyperlink does not take you to a new page, or the link is followed by (x), there are currently no resources for that topic.

I hope that you find this website useful. If you have any questions or suggestions I would be happy to hear from you.